Anryu Dokuga


“Go to battle in peace, love with passion, and drink with true companions.”


Full Name: Anryu Dokuga
Race: Hill Dwarf
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 60-70

Title: Knight-Commander, Lord Retainer to the Shogun
Occupation: Samurai, Soldier


Anryu is a scarred, old dwarf soldier with steel gray hair, a heavy build, and a dark red eyepatch over his left eye. Always seen in his armor, with his mighty kanabo club on his back if one is lucky, and in his hands if one is not.

Though he projects a put-out, grumbling persona, Anryu is exceedingly tough, strong willed, and implacable. He has seen many wars, many soldiers, and is as wise and graceful as he is stern and unyielding. Like many samurai, he is an exercise in dichotomy, art and violence, beauty and pain, war and peace.


Unknown, though he has served Lady Zenobia, the Shogun, for hundreds of years. As have his father, and his grandfather. Even long before Zenobia became the Shogun of Flux, ever an Anryu stood beside her, acting as both her open hand and her clenched fist.

Story So Far . . .

Tatsu met Anryu in the Black Citadel of The Keep, and the two samurai exchanged a friendly bond of brotherhood.

Anryu Dokuga

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