“Will I take you there? For a price. A huge, HUGE fucking price.”


Full Name: Barnum Cinderblack
Race: Human (Vampire)
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Apparent Age: 25-35

Title: Second-Story Man
Occupation: Thief in the Men-About-Town


A thin, wiry human with long brown hair and an average face, the kind that blends into crowds far too easily. He is most often seen in simple clothing, browns and grays, and never without a long cloak.


Little is known of Barnum, save that he is a thief, a roustabout, and a compulsive gambler. Still, he appears to be often underestimated, for he is still the only living person who has managed to escape the clutches of the Profanimancer Sebassis all on his own, without sorcery or steel to aid him.

Story So Far . . .

Barnum was tracked down by the Ten after escaping Sebassis’ fortress, a floating sailing ship on another plane. The thief was found at the Sanguine Smile, a favorite haunt of his, where mortals pay for the pleasure of a vampire’s kiss. Unfortunately, they found him dead, his throat torn out, his body drained of blood by the vampiress Coin, who’d been paid by Zarina to do the deed and cover Sebassis’ trail.

Still, through quick thinking they had the barman revive Barnum as a fledgling vampire. He agreed to help them, for a price, and took them to Sebassis’ fortress. After an epic battle aboard the ship, of which he wisely played absolutely no part in, the Samurai Tatsu stabbed him in the back.

Barnum turned to mist and floated away, and has not been seen since . . .


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