“All constructs deserve life. We are created, but we are not objects.”


Full Name: Burrich the Ferrous
Race: Warforged
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: Indeterminate

Title: None
Occupation: Arcanist, Statuary-Member


A thin mithril Warforged construct, wearing all the standard garb and accoutrement of a true arcanists.

Burrich does not posses the righteous zeal of his companion Flazen, but he is no less committed to the cause of the Statuary. He appears to be highly skilled in the area of constructs and construct magic, and is one of the Statuary’s foremost experts in repair and theory. He is often attended by a number of apprentices.



Story So Far . . .

The Ten met Burrich at the Graystone Trading warehouse. He showed a select few of them to the inner chamber, where rested the battered construct they were paid to protect.

During the final battle of the Graystone Incident, as Burrich stood astride the massive construct to face the Spider-thing released from the ice, he was blasted from his perch and thrown to the ground.

When last seen, he was unmoving, battered and broken on the floor of the warehouse . . .


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