“It doesn’t have to be this way. We make a deal, we all go home, and no one dies.”


Full Name: Dasqana
Race: Yuan’ti (Pureblood)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 25-30

Title: Pyromancer
Occupation: Blackmailer, Warrior


A beautiful if strange maiden with purple-flecked green skin and long indigo hair.



Story So Far . . .

Dasqana was revealed to be the force behind the extortion of the Felwatch officer Zarina, and it was her troupe that placed the spell of observance upon her. From Zarina’s actions, it is clear that Dasqana had some sort of contact and alliance with the serial killer and archmage Sebassis.

The Ten discovered the base of her operations, a large basement beneath Salamander Sal’s shop in Pisstown. Negotiations fell through, due in large part to the actions of Kaylan Deathwing, and a battle erupted. Though it was clear that Dasqana had more skill in battle than any three of the Ten put together, the full force of their numbers, and a lucky strike by the The Inevitable, laid her low.

Upon her death, the small silver chime of a Contingency spell sounded, teleporting her body away from the scene . . .


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