“They will never leave us be, they will never set us free. Curse the meatpuppets to the ends of the Spin.”


Full Name: Flazen
Race: Mercury Golem
Gender: Male in Appearance
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: Indeterminate

Title: None
Occupation: Alleged Terrorist/Liberator, Member of the Statuary


An oft-amorphous muddle of silvery metal that occasionally resembles a naked, sex-less male humanoid.



Story So Far . . .

Flazen, alongside Pocket, made contact with Vessel 12 in order to hire him and his “servants” to protect a wayward construct for the Statuary.

He also fought in the Graystone Incident, where a band of mixed mercenaries assaulted the Graystone Trading warehouse. Notably, he was able to slay numerous members of the force sent to destroy the construct, and even managed to wrestle one of the legs of the enormous spider-like construct that had escaped a block of ice on the premises.

Flazen survived the battle largely unscathed.


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