“Death is my lover, my friend, but never the blade at my throat. So carry out your justice. I shall carry out mine. Farewell, Kanzler. Farewell, Flux. May the Deeper Darkness take all of you.”


Full Name: Sebassis
Race: Yuan’ti (Halfblood)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: Unknown

Title: Grand Obscenity
Occupation: Serial Killer, Necromancer


Before his execution, Sebassis appeared as a humanoid head and torso with flat, snake-like features and an almost non-existent nose. His lower half, however, was that of a muscular, giant, scaled serpent.

After his execution, but before he was slain by The Ten, he transformed into something much more monstrous. A purple, sluglike monster with enormous bone spurs jutting out of his arms and deep-set, dark eyes.

His posture haughty, his face smug, Sebassis exuded a kind of twisted, arrogant nobility from every pore. Not even his own death seemed to unsettle the features of his cold, passionless face.


Not much is known of Sebassis, save that he has terrorized Flux to a greater or lesser extent over a period of centuries. Using a combination of necromancy and profane magic, Sebassis committed the most foul crimes. He was known to kidnap his victims, often-times children, and experiment on them with his twisted magic. The fate of most are unknown, but a few he would raise as undead monsters to protect him or to send into the city to kidnap even more victims.

Finally, after a century-long manhunt, Chamber, a Warden of the Felwatch, and his team set a trap for Sebassis on the only occasion where he attacked the same establishment twice. Just outside of Saint Kane’s Orphanage, Chamber and his men sprung their trap. The battle ran through the night, ending with Chamber and Sebassis the only two alive. Chamber, victorious, dragged the foul serpent into custody.

Story So Far . . .


Sebassis was publicly executed by decapitation in the Hub of Flux, surrounded by witnesses including the Sheriff of Flux, the Kanzler of the Diet, and the soon-to-be famous Ten. Some fell power dropped the Hub into a strange plane, where all the nearby witnesses were set-upon by an enormous bat-faced demon, a thin incorporeal demon attached to the larger with a silver chain, and an entire pack of Runehounds.

Sebassis himself regrew his head and transformed into a dread twisted version of his previous body, but was unable to attack as The Ten quickly immobilized and impaled him. Upon his second death, the surviving witnesses returned to their plane.

After his death, the Ten were hired to investigate the location of Sebassis’ hidden fortress, any remaining victims that needed aid, and any possible threats Sebassis allies, items, or machinations still posed.

With the aid of Sebassis’ former familiar, an imp named Druzil, and a thief named Barnum, the Ten were successful. Sebassis’ haven turned out to be a mystically-powered airship in another plane, which still carried a number of Sebassis experiments. After purging the Osirin of its remaining undead presence, the Ten intend to take the airship as their own . . .


Sebassis never was a Yuan’ti, but merely a foul demon in disguise.

Sebassis learned the power of profane magic from The First, an Elder Being of unsurpassed evil.

Sebassis is beloved by the Yuan’ti in the Greenbelt.

Sebassis is despised by the Yuan’ti in the Greenbelt.


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