Betwixt a triumvirate of natural monuments; The Forest of Farith, The Lux Mountains and the Plains of Tassilit, lies a mirage that exists for the soul reason to balance the beauty of the Earth Mother’s favorite Monuments. Smelling of death, Lye and waste, this cistern of the most foul live to kill, just to raise the dead for their own personal gain.


Few have ever left Souspirail. For they have the greatest recycling program of any age and plane. Their numbers only grow; they never decline for more than a few hours, unless they decide to again attack the fabled Unfinished Cathedral of Lotol. Those lost to the clergy of Lotol will find rest behind the walls of those hallowed grounds, at least for a while. The denizens of Souspirail are patient, and they know how to bide time.

Amongst the few living in the pit of Souspirail is the control element, the power structure behind the undead flock. Their goals are few. Their leader, whom is only called by his title ‘The Shepherd’, has a plan and he is the most patient of them all. For one day the clergy of Lotol will make a mistake and that’s when he will bring war to their place of worship and those walls will finally be his. For now, he bides and grows his army. But when the Shepherd waits, he has time to think, and his ideas have gained for him and his community of Souspirail more Gold than there are bones in their Boneyard.

The Dead Trade

Only during the reign of the Octoad in Zenith is such a business possible. For every city-state bends to the will of Zenith for her ways are founded in Necromancy. The populace has over generations conceded to this ideal and now live among the dead.

Out of Zenith the Shepard was once an outcast, but now has bought his way back into their graces. The Shepherd is immoral, that is unquestioned, but the biggest question among his loyal is whether or not he has a soul. His dealings with the cities and pagan alike are questionable, but they have bred more than just death, they have breathed life into an economy that thousands now depend on. So, none of the loyal question his methods, for they live well and are paid enormously for their services.

Herdsman will lead a flock of sheep out to a given destination. With them they will bring 7 Sheepman and a flock of sheep. Most of the sheep have been harvested from local towns, cities and even poachers that will pick off large prey that will bring home a good price. The largest species dominate the flock; mostly Bearlings, Wolfen, Vandorians and Ogres stand above the other races that walk, moaning in their rank and file. Once a Herdsman reaches his destination he will trade the undead slaves for Gold, Gems and Rare Magical Items.

Outside a city’s wall, special pens have been developed to hold the flocks when they are visiting. In these pens is where the Sheepmen will ply their skills. Cursed in the arts of Chirurgeony, they have become excellent surgeons, taught by the very best of Souspirail. All the gold, jewels and items are transported inside the corpses of the dead that walk with them. Every item that can’t be transported inside bags of holding or Dwarven lock-boxes or even teleported can be placed within an undead that will fight unwilling for the items contained within their skin. The flocks do not meet many who will try and raid their ranks when on the roads. This simple business model has made The Shepherd and his community very wealthy and has afforded him new political status in Zenith and the city-states she oversees.


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