The Inevitable

The Inevitable

Name: The Inevitable
Type: Weapon – Waraxe
Bonus: +1


A massive, heavy-bladed axe with a blocky shape, a long handle, and a sense of tremendous weight.

Known Powers

Vorpal – On a successful critical hit, the axe instantly strikes the head from the shoulders of the enemy.


Unknown, though it appears to have been a headsman’s axe for a time.

Story So Far . . .

Discovered after the Battle of the Black Gallows, and Sebassis’ execution. The hangman who decapitated Sebassis transformed into a truly spectacular coward during the battle, and Orb took the weapon as penance for the man’s craven heart. The Sheriff approved of the transfer wholeheartedly.

Notable Owners

Orb – Current Wielder

The Inevitable

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