Watts Gaiavel


“Even the most dangerous blade spends most of its time in a scabbard.”


Full Name: Watts Gaiavel
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 80-90

Title: None
Occupation: Master Smith


An ancient but powerfully built dwarf, with long snow-white hair and arms shiny with old burn scars. His eyes are the pale blue of arctic ice, striking a unique contrast with his tanned and chapped face. Watts is seen most frequently in the leather frock of his trade. Though he surrounds himself with his weapons, he is notably never armed or armored.


Rumors abound of the wizened craftsman, but in one aspect they are clear: Watts Gaiavel is certainly the finest weaponer in Flux, and quite possibly in all the Spinning Worlds. His creations, and the brave folk who wield them, have become legend.

The name of his plane of origin is lost, and Watts is not forthcoming in clarifying the issue. All that is known of his home is that it was once threatened by a terrible ancient power, great in scope and eldritch of might. A hero, wielding a weapon reforged by Watts, beat back the darkness.

Watts has lived in Flux for hundreds of years, and has made many customers but few friends. The dwarf, for all of his talent, is harsh and unforgiving, a trait that has endeared him to few beyond those looking for steel and stone.

Story So Far . . .

The timeworn dwarf owns a shop in Thorin named Caerthoon Doga, where he plys his trade. He has taken on the Warforged warrior/crafter Vessel 12 as something of an apprentice, though time will tell if the master’s talents can even be passed on . . .

Watts Gaiavel

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