Countess Crow


“They say a woman’s war is the birthing bed, and the man’s the battlefield. Would not a true warrior fight both?”


Full Name: Mina Crow (nee’ Fitzsandor)
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Apparent Age: 28

Title: Countess of Blindon, Warden of Salt Point.
Occupation: Nobility


A dark-haired woman with striking features, usually clad in mail. Countess Crow is a renowned swordswoman, having trained with her late husband the Count Corvin of Blindon.

Mina Crow is not known for her patience, but she is famous in the Prime for her valor and fair-minded rulership.


Born of King Sandor Farseer‘s dalliances with his harem of mistresses, Mina rose high from her lowly station. The iron in her spine and her beauty attracted the young Count Corvin of Blindon on one of his visits to Spyre, and wasn’t long until the two were married.

Upon his death from consumption, Mina Crow became Countess of Blindon. Their son, as heir of Blindon, was too young to take over.

Countess Crow has a reputation as a fair-minded, if sometimes less warm, ruler.

Story So Far . . .

Countess Crow has been called by her father to attend to her half-sister Elsenay’s bridal auction on Elysium. Though she is not happy with the “request,” she dutifully answered the call and has returned to Spyre for the first time since her betrothal.

Countess Crow

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