“Bah ba durh ba duhhh!”


Full Name: Driroth – AKA “Peanut”
Status: K.I.A.
Race: Dragonkin
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult (51-100)
Apparent Age: 27

Class: Barbarian
Level: 6


Driroth is a hulking mass of Draconic power. Descended from the mightiest of dragons, his strength is legendary. He has destroyed any foe to challenge him, and is known for his brash and spontaneous actions.


Before Driroth was conceived, his parents Drigot and Rothna encountered a life changing experience. During their travels they stumbled upon a rare sight; a Noble Djinn. Through much teamwork, Drigot and Rothna were able to capture the Djinni. He introduced himself as Zheneio, a Cleric of Solinari. He told them he would be able to grant them three wishes whenever they wanted, but once those three wishes were up, he would be set free.

So around a year after his capture, Drigot and Rothna had a beautiful baby boy…Driroth. After checking all his fingers and toes, they called out to Driroth with much glee. Noticing Driroth was very weak at birth, Zheneio, a specialist in healing, informed the two parents that Driroth had a very weak heart. He said that if they wished, he could save him. So with Drigot and Rothna’s first wish, they had Zheneio heal Driroth. In a whirlwind of magic, a shard of manacite was placed into the chest of Driroth, keeping him alive.

Not long after, Drigot and Rothna realized their son would not respond to them when they called out. He could not speak properly. All he could say, which has now become his catchphrase, was “Bah ba durh ba duhhh!” He was deaf. The two parents searched all across the land for someone who could cure Driroth, but to no avail. With no one else to turn to, they approached Zheneio once more. They wished that their son could hear. And just like that, a whirlwind of magic consumed the area… but Driroth appeared unaffected. Outraged, Drigot and Rothna demanded to know what happened. Zheneio was speechless. Never before had his magic failed him. He promised to watch over and guide Driroth from that point on. He also said that because he was unable to fulfill the second wish, the couple still had two wishes.

Driroth had always had a tough time getting along with the other creatures where he lived. Because he was deaf, he was made fun of a lot by the other kids. He would spend most of his time in his house with his parents. Unfortunately, around the age of 12 a horrible fire broke out in the house. The entire family was present and trapped in the house. Drigot and Rothna, in a last ditch effort to save their precious son, used their second wish to get Driroth out of the house. For the third time, a whirlwind of magic consumed the house. Zheneio grabbed a hold of Driroth and plane-shifted to Flux Moire.

With his parents killed in the fire, Driroth took shelter in Flux. He stayed homeless, afraid to live in a house again for fear that the same fate would happen once more. Because he was picked on so much as a kid, Driroth took advantage of his huge size and strength and vowed to protect anyone who was less fortunate than others. Zheneio kept his promise to Drigot and Rothna, mentoring Driroth as he grew up. He taught Driroth how to fight, and how to fly. In order to communicate with him, Zheneio also taught Driroth sign language. Zheneio always stayed nearby to Driroth, but made sure to never fully interfere unless needed. While Driroth is grateful to Zheneio, he remained unaware that he had inherited his parents’ last wish… leaving it up to Zheneio to let Driroth know.

Driroth joined The 10, the only friends he had, and died to protect them.

Action Replays . . .

  • Driroth attacked the wall of an orphanage, punching a hole through it
  • Driroth attempted to kiss a citizen of Flux, who was being questioned by The Ten
  • Driroth led himself into the hull of The Osirin where, surrounded by undead, he decapitated a mummy and flew out of an overhead hatch. It was here he coined his signature catchphrase, “Bah ba durh ba duhhh!”
  • Tasked with guarding the hatch through which the undead could escape onto the ship, Driroth sat still for an incredible 3 minutes, before wandering off to find gold – allowing a pair of mummies to release hordes of undead upon The Ten.
  • Driroth allgedly drank 17 Strawberry Daquiris in one afternoon while guarding The Osirin during some of The Ten’s adventures.
  • Driroth single-handedly took on and killed an ogre in two strikes, before picking up a ballista and firing it at a team of archers, to great effect.
  • Driroth chased a giant construct through a planar tear – taking him to. . .
  • Driroth spent years in a place only known as The Blue Beyond.
  • After killing a massive beast, Driroth jumped into the portal with Burrich to find himself fighting alongside four of The 10 only to find out it was all a dream. But when the dream ended, he found himself still in the tower standing next to Vessel 3 and the Sheriff, with his friends high above him.

Notes by Tatsu:

  • Driroth was swallowed by a Leviathan while exploring a cave after The Ten left Flux – to escape, he cut his way out of the creature’s stomach.
  • After another Leviathan killed the Druid Vadania, Driroth’s rage and dedication to his friends drew him into attacking a Leviathan head-on. After a fierce, brave battle, Driroth the Dragon-kin Barbarian was left dead, and the Leviathan finished off with a mind thrust by Mazyx.


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