“Do we have a deal?”


Full Name: Druzil
Race: Demon – Imp
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: Unknown

Title: None
Occupation: Former familiar


A two-foot, dog-faced demon with bat wings and a segmented, barbed tail like a scorpion.

Foul-mouthed, largely unhelpful, and always willing to cut a deal, Druzil isn’t terribly pleasant to have around. Still, he has served as familiar for countless wizards, and his knowledge, when it can be pried out of him, is vast.


Unknown, but he has served many masters, if his boasting can be believed.

Story So Far . . .

First encountered under the care of Warden Chamber, the imp was being interrogated for information on it’s former master. After torture by Vessel 12 and a diet of abuse and affection, Druzil eventually helped to find Sebassis’ airship. After being released for his help, the feisty imp disappeared to the four winds for a time.

He reappeared to the Ten via Neko to help crew the Grey Tower as best he could to escape the bay of Flux, and is currently accompanying the Ten on their voyage to deliver Princess Elsenay to the auction.


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