“Just a pretty face? A pretty face and a dagger draw just as much blood as a dagger alone. More, if done properly.”


Full Name: Elsenay Farseer
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Apparent Age: 19

Title: Princess of Spyre
Occupation: Royalty


A heart-clenchingly beautiful young girl, the very vision of the Farseers of old. Royal blood courses through her veins, and it shows. Her manner is impeccable, when she wishes it to be, though suitors often find her brash and at times even emasculating.


The first (legitimate) daughter of King Sandor Farseer and Queen Siana, she knew from birth she would serve as nothing more than a rung on a ladder that her father might climb. Destined for matrimony for station rather than love, Elsenay seems to have largely disconnected from the world.

Story So Far . . .

The Ten have been tasked with escorting Princess Elsenay to a bridal auction on Elysium, a sanctuary island located between the warring nations of Maxa, Nemain, and Badb. They met her briefly during King Sandor’s fete, and found her to be relatively stoic and clearly unhappy.


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