Isle of Tsukushi

Castle 1

Government: Feudal
Ruler(s): Emperor Yozei (Figurehead), Shōgun Tokugawa


A small island on a far away world, Tsukushi is famous for its warrior sons, power-hungry feudal lords, legendary swords, and the strict codes followed by those in every caste. Although home to few dragons and many Elven clans such as the Tanaka, Kagekatsu and Tokugawa, the majority of the country’s population are human or dwarven. Because of the harsh caste system, racial interaction is fairly uncommon, leading to a surprisingly low population of Halflings. Now ruled by the military leader — Shōgun Tokugawa — and the noble upper class of samurai, the Land of the Rising Sun is filled with extraordinary dwarven crafters, fantastic mountain ranges, lush bamboo forests, and a dark history of civil war and back-room assassinations.


Although myths about the 8-island-country of Nippon’s creation vary across beliefs, most living there agree that the islands were created by the offspring of 2 grand deities, Izanagi no Mikoto and Izanami no Mikoto. Though ruled for over a thousand years by Divine Emperors of various races, the country of Nippon eventually faced a crisis leading to a period of feudalism and war lasting almost 700 years. At the height of national chaos, just as it seemed Nippon was doomed to ruin itself, Elven warlord Tokugawa Ieyasu succeeded in uniting an incredible force of Elven and human clans beneath him and seized control of the country, relegating the Emperor to figurehead status and establishing the office of the mighty Tokugawa Shōgunate. Leading a personal army of 17,000 samurai retainers, Tokugawa has defended his islands (and his office) against 4 demon attacks, a civil war, and countless uprisings by organized Rōnin elves.

Prominent Citizens:

Kagekatsu no-Tuarwen: Deceased mother of Kagekatsu Tatsusennyo. Samurai, and pacifier of the great Pyroclastic dragon Yofune Nushi. Savior of the port city of Nagasaki.
Kagekatsu Okita: The ancient and legendary elven Samurai.
Tokugawa Ieyasu: Elven Shōgun, current military ruler of Nippon.
Masamune Kbenh: Dwarven swordsmith known for his legendary craftsmanship.

Story so far…

The Island of Tsukushi is the original home of half-dragon Samurai Kagekatsu Tatsusennyo. After his clan was ambushed during a campaign, Tatsu rushed back to his dojo only to find his heirloom weapon and armor stolen and his master gone. He set off into the forest, falling asleep against a tree and waking up in Flux.

Isle of Tsukushi

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