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Ephemeris Flux – A History

Ten journey into the city in the sunset, where gods and monsters walk side-by-side and the dross of uncountable realities come to rest.


Prologue – The Ten

Acacia – Killoren Ranger
Aram – Human Wizard
Driroth – Dragonkin Barbarian
Jalim – Gargoyle Monk
Kaylan – Raptoran Battlemage
Mazyx – Pixin Telepath
Orb – Ogre-Mage Psychic Warrior
Tatsu – Half-Dragon Samurai
Vadania – (A.K.A. Eirwyn) Ghostling Druid
Vessel 12 – Warforged Duskblade

Chapter 1 – Lore

Chapter 2 – The Moire

Chapter 3 – A Guide to Flux



The Agg – Breadbasket of Flux
Bayside – Upscale center of leisure for wealthy travelers and merchants
Central – The center ring of Flux, orbiting the Hub
Fiend’s Highway – The labyrinthine tunnels, sewers, and catacombs beneath the city
The Greenbelt – Slightly extra-planar home to the sylvan populace
The Hub – Central grass plaza of Flux. Constant bazaar
The Keep – Military castle near the center of the city
Lakeside – Neighborhood of successful craftsman and the middle class
The Palace – The enormous home of the Prince, and seat of government power
The Pillars – Neighborhood of the truly wealthy and powerful
The Red – Center of prostitution, in all its forms
Sandenslag – Industrial heart of Flux
The Slave Quarter – Home of serious criminal offenders
The Slips – Low rent home of traveling sailors and criminals galore
Thorin – Home of unassimilated Dwarven clans and organizations
Tier Universus – Center of Academia and higher learning
Vuruva Halla – Undersea part of Flux, beneath the bay, home of aquatic citizens
Warehouse District – Storage for the shipping concerns

Places of Import

Asylum – Two massive towers and an interconnecting bridge over Maturin street, home of the guild of arcane spellcasters
The Sunken Abbey – An ancient and once-beautiful cathedral, lost beneath the earth.
Tower of High Sorcery – Haunted ruin of twisting black stone, located in Lakeside

Chapter 4 – People to Know

Ayaba – Eye of the Felwatch, Female Marilith
Blythe – Kanzler of the Diet, Male Githzerai
Denari – Prince of Flux, Emerald Dragon
Edgbarun – Eye of the Felwatch, Female Solar
Elsenay – Princess of Spyre
Gauss – Sheriff of Flux, Male Drow
Kozier – Archmage of the Asylum, 1st of the Triumvirate, Male Human
Mangus – Archmage of the Asylum, 3rd of the Triumvirate, Male Human
Midnite – Proprietor of the Fallen Star, a neutral hot spot of the Flux nightlife.
Riah – Archmage of the Asylum, 2nd of the Triumvitate, Female Sidhe
Sandor Farseer – King of Spyre, heir to the Farseers.
Vulthoom – Merchant King, Male Dwarf
Zenobia – Shogun of Flux, Female Human

Chapter 5 – Denizens

Ahrimell – A paranoid kobold mage, longtime friend of Sheriff Gauss. Owns the Sunken Abby.
Anryu Dokuga – Dwarven Samurai, servant of the Shogun
Barnum – A thief in the Men-About-Town, recently transformed into a vampire. Notable for having been the only person to escape from Sebassis
Bellezara – Female Half-elf, grumpy lute teacher at Onavon
Burrich – A Warforged Wizard, specialized in Constructs. Operator in the Statuary
Chamber – A Warden of the Felwatch, and the man who finally captured Sebassis. Wields a pair of unique wands with deadly skill.
Colette Anathema – Violin teacher at Onavon, and current Lehrling to the Geiger.
Countess Crow – Widowed countess of Blindon and illegitimate daughter of Sandor Farseer.
Dasqana – A pureblood Yuan’ti Pyromancer, deadly and deceptive. Currently deceased.
Dead Stanley – A middle-aged goblin mercenary, master of knives and quick with a laugh.
Druzil – An imp and former familiar of Sebassis.
Durin Fitzsandor – Eldest son of King Sandor Farseer. Bastard.
Fillisfar Yodens – A gnome scholar and teacher at Dweomyr. Specialist in magitech.
Flazen – A mercury golem and enforcer in the Statuary.
Gimble – Male Gnome, singing coach at Onavon.
Hoppert – A sing-song voiced automaton and assistant to Mercutio.
Mercutio – The Caretaker of a Flagstone in the Dreamscape. Gnome, crystalline eyes.
Neko – Loudly dressed feline merchant who can get anything with enough time and gold.
Okita Kagekatsu – The ancient and legendary elven Samurai. Long dead.
Patience – Little girl.
Pocket – A lithe roguish character, as slippery as he is shrewd. Fingers in many pies.
Reech – Dwarven merchant, husband of Zarina. Badly scarred, ugly. Currently underground.
Salamander Sal – A svirfneblin shop keeper, owner of the eponymous establishment.
Sebassis – A master of profane magic, a serial killer, and a powerful wizard. Recently executed. Recently beliched.
Sloan of the Right – One-handed vizier of King Sandor Farseer. Dwarven arcanist.
Watts Gaiavel – A Dwarf master craftsman of weapons and armor. Owns the Caerthoon Doga.
Zarina – Golden-eyed, silver-haired aasimar mage. Formerly of the Felwatch. Currently underground.

Chapter 6 – Organizations

Asylum – The arcanist’s guild of Flux
Diet – The ruling body of international ambassadors
Felwatch – An organization devoted to hunting out-of-control demons
Men-About-Town – Local thieves guild, known for their prowess.
Military – The armed forces of Flux
Sarafan – An organization dedicated to the destruction of the undead
Sentries – The police of Flux, run by the Sheriff
Statuary – A terrorist organization, self-styled liberators of enslaved constructs
Violent Dandies – A group of gentleman adventurers, wealthy types with a penchant for excitement.

Chapter 7 – Items

Ariel – A longsword with a blade made of brilliant blue surging energy
Bells of the Necromancer – A bandolier of bells that effect death itself.
Chamber’s Wands – A pair of strange, explosive wands.
Macess – A powerful elvencraft bow, enchanted to bestow electricity on its ammunition
The Osirin – A mystical airship, found beyond a portal in the Greenbelt
Seven Storms – The Sword of Kagekatsu, Arashi-Shichi, the Rage-in-Winter
Staff of Office – A featureless silver staff that can change composition at will
The Inevitable – An enormous battle-axe, enchanted to strike the heads off of criminals
Vhajra – A finely wrought scimitar with a slight bluish hue

Chapter 8 – Exotic Locales

The Dreamscape – A nearby plane, accessible only in mortal sleep. Mutable, ever-changing chaos.

Chapter 9 – Spinning Worlds

Souspirail – A blasted land, famous for its Dead Trade.
Isle of Tsukushi – A large island on a distant world, famous for its warrior culture and unique philosophy.

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