“My honor is to die for the Shogun!”


Full Name: Tatsusennyo Kagekatsu
Title: Bladeseeker, Tsumuji-kaze (Whirl-wind)
Race: Pyroclastic Half-Dragon (Half-Elf)
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult (51-100)
Apparent Age: 40

Class: Fighter / Dragon
Profession: Samurai
Level: 7


Tatsusennyo Kagekatsu is a Pyroclastic Half-Dragon. His black skin appears ashy and charcoal-like, with the magma of his insides glowing harshly out from beneath the deep, burning cracks that run all across the surface of his body. His eyes glow orange and yellow, similarly to the magma underneath his scorching hot skin. Standing just over seven feet tall, he carries himself as confidently as any warrior worth his salt should.

Tatsu follows a strict, twisted version of the Bushido Code, passed down to him by his clan. He serves to enforce justice, whatever the means. As a servant, he is quiet. But he fights bravely and would give his life, should his master ask it of him.


Tatsu was born to an elf and an ancient dragon from the Bleak Eternity of Gehenna. The story of his parents is not well known in detail – only in lore. As a child, Tatsu was left to fend for himself and terrorized the Elven villages of Tsukushi beneath his mountain, until he was taken in by a clan of Samurai and trained to be a warrior. Just before being fully initiated as a Samurai warrior and presented with the legendary sword of his ancestor, Okita Kagekatsu, Tatsu and the clan were sent on a mission – only to be ambushed. His clan murdered before his very eyes, Tatsu rushed back to warn the Daimyo. When he arrived, the Master was dead…and the sword gone. Tatsusennyo took on the name of Kagekatsu and set out on his own, a lost Samurai seeking vengeance for his clan, a new Master, and to find the legendary lost sword of his Ancestor – “ The Seven Storms.”


Okita Kagekatsu: Ancient Ancestor; Legendary Elven Samurai
Yofune Nushi: Father; Pyroclastic Dragon. Whereabouts unknown.
Kagekatsu no-Tuarwen: Mother; Samurai hero of Nagasaki. Deceased.
Kagekatsu Kazuko: Sister; Wind Walker shinobi – killers of the Kagekatsu Samurai.

Action Replays

  • Tatsu was transported from Tsukushi to Flux by forces unknown to him, where he met The Ten.
  • Tatsu single handedly saved the Kanzler from a pack of Runehounds during the battle following Sebassis’s “execution.”
  • Tatsu first discovered at The Sanguine Smile that the undead seemed particularly drawn to him, when a crowd of vampires gathered around and stalked him through the building
  • Tatsu lit The Osirin on fire with a mighty breath attack, while helping the Ten battle masses of mummies and zombies.
  • During their adventure in the dream plane, Tatsu encountered his ancestor Okita Kagekatsu and in combat, struck a mighty blow against him.
  • Tatsu was actually disintegrated while battling a Beholder in The Dreamscape, but brought back to life to cleave it in two, thanks to the Sigil of Mercutio.
  • Tatsu met fellow samurai Anryu Dokuga at The Keep, and the two formed a brotherly alliance.
  • Tatsu pledged his life and service to that of The Shogun, and was given 1 month to solidify his place in her ranks.
  • Tatsu and Anryu headed off a Retriever at Tier Universus, stopping it in its tracks and leading the attack against it.
  • After watching his Samurai brother Anryu lose an arm and his wakizashi, Tatsu gifted away his own; a sign of respect to the seasoned warrior.
  • Following a battle at The Fallen Star, Tatsu and several other exhausted members of The Ten were defeated and arrested by who appeared to be The Sheriff.
  • In prison – After receiving the choice of either being tortured and killed, or serving “The Blight” to work against the authority of Flux, Tatsu prepared to lay down his life for his Daimyo-to-be, saying to Vessel 3, “My loyalty is to the Shogun.”
  • After being rescued by Driroth, the Ten made their escape from prison, with Tatsu unleashing a fiery breath attack into a hallway of guards, stealing a dropped scimitar, and wrestling an armored cloak off of an ogre.
  • Tatsu battled fiercely against the mighty False Sheriff, blocking blows, striking criticals, and almost single-handedly defeating him (thanks to a lucky potion of Mage Armor), with the honor of delivering the Coup de Grace going to Vessel 12.
  • Following the Ten’s assault and escape from incarceration, a warrant was put out for Tatsusennyo, who was charged with: Desertion-from-Service, Grand Thievery, Terror, Mayhem, Vandalism, High Treason, Sedition, Malignant Magic, Fraud, Breach of Prison, Murder-of-a-Citizen, Murder-of-a-Civil-Servant, and Murder-of-a-Noble.
  • In an effort to prevent further loss of military life during the Ten’s explosive seaborne escape from Flux, Tatsu put his diplomatic skills to use in negotiating the disengagement of one of His Majesty’s Naval vessels.
  • Tatsu was named Head of Marines while aboard the Grey Tower.
  • Tatsu was given a surprising gift from Niko the Cat: the power to create mirror images of himself each day.
  • He was approached privately by King Sandor and asked to swear an oath of protection over Princess Elsenay. Tatsu refused, saying his oath was to The Shogun, but swore on his honor to protect her nonetheless – in exchange for information about the death of Okita Kagekatsu and the warring noble families of the Isle of Tsukushi.
  • While waiting for the rest of The Ten to return to Princess’s escort ship, the HMS Cloudbreaker, Elsenay was kidnapped by a ninja. After catching up to them, Tatsu met the ninja who introduced herself as his sister Kagekatsu Kazuko – a member of an order of shinobi called Wind Walkers. She told Tatsu that her group was responsible for the murder of his Samurai clan, and challenged Tatsu to a fight…


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