The Osirin

The Osirin

Name: The Osirin
Type: Conveyance – Airship (Brig-of-War)
Status: Destroyed


An two-masted sailing ship, with square white sails and a long sleek hull. It has three decks, seven rooms, and an enormous central hold. A pair of black obsidian altars sit on the fore castle and rear castle, respectively, and a blue-runed helm seems to control the ship as it sails through the skies.

The rooms include a coffin-berth beneath the fore castle, a Captain’s Quarters beneath the rear castle, a compact but complete library, a laboratory, a secret laboratory, a hidden treasure vault, and a galley.

The enormous central hold is two-decks tall, containing two distinct but connected chambers.

Known Powers

Flight – The entire ship is held aloft by some enchantment.
Mild Intelligence – The ship appears to be controlled by an effort of will, and contains a force or presence that must be dominated.
Defensive and Offensive Capabilities – The ship is capable of shielding itself against either projectiles, magic, or boarders, as well as projecting a forceful blast of energy… at the cost of life energy.


Unknown, though it once housed the fiend [[Sebassis] and both his fell laboratories and his horrific experiments.

Story So Far . . .

Discovered upon investigation by the Ten, with the help of Warden Chamber, the imp Druzil, and the thief Barnum. All the undead aboard were killed.

The Ten received some help in teleporting the Osirin (then named “Grey Tower”)back to the harbor of Flux, in hopes of sailing from Flux to prevent Sebassis’s gain of a new flying ship in a far off city.

After a fierce battle, the Grey Tower and the Ten escaped Flux and set out to sea.

The Grey Tower was destroyed by Leviathans while travelling.

Notable Owners

The Ten – Squatters

The Osirin

Flux Moire Tatsusennyo