“Neko, show me your gems.” -Vadania


Full Name: Vadania Drago (A.K.A. Eirwyn)
Race: Ghostling
Gender: female
Age: 24
Apparent Age:

Class: Druid
Level: 5


Vadania is a half-elf druid with black hair and grey eyes. She stands about 4’9” tall and is accompanied by her wolf, Albastru who looks exactly like a regular wolf except for an uncharacteristic white patch going from his neck spanning his back, part of his tail, and going down part of each leg.


Vadania Drago was born at dawn in a community of half-elves like herself called Grad Polovice which is on a mountain that snows year round. She grew up with her Elvin father who stayed behind to care for her instead of going back to the Elvin forest. Her human mother disappeared shortly after her first birthday.

At the age of 6, she came across the scene of a flash flood where a den of wolves had been drowned except for one cub that had been away, and was now trying to rouse his siblings. She took the cub home, and named him Albastru, who has been with her ever since.

At the age of ten, she was shunned out of her village and moved out into the forest with her father.

She lived peacefully with her father and Albastru alone in the woodlands of Tekwa for 13 years. Her father taught her everything he knew, up to and including his closely guarded secret word that rhymes with circus, and began her training in the use of spells. She learned quickly until their camp was raided by masked bandits who stole her father’s treasured pouch of money and other trinkets of value. She and Albastru guarded themselves well and at dawn, the bandits gave up, having watched some of their companions fall to a half elf and her wolf. In the morning, she discovered that her father had died in the attack.

Story So Far . . .

Vadania arrived in Flux shortly after the attack in the woods, and bought herself a nice house in Flux’s center keep. A few weeks into her stay at Flux, she met a deaf man who called himself Peanut, and while watching an execution with him, happened into the rest of the group she now travels with. She has learned to trust them with her life, but is not so sure they are so trusting of her especially when she hides herself behind her cloak and mask.

Vadania was killed by the boiling water cannon of an irritated Leviathan while escaping said Leviathan’s lair. She took the brunt of the blast, accidentally shielding Chamber from the brunt of the blast.

Somewhere on the cliffs between Grix and Flux, the Ten ran into a little girl by the name of Patience who reincarnated Vadania as a Ghostling named Eirwyn.


Flux Moire Vadania